Hestzig LLC.,

Cover glass for super resolution Microscopy

Product Technology

EliminateBenefitsFor consistency each coverslip is imaged and characterized488/520 nm

We offer scanning electron microscope (SEM) compatible coverglass

uses 80 nm gold fiducials under an electrically conducting ITO layer

(instead of SiO2) . This enables thin ~100 nm sections stained with

heavy metals to be imaged by SEM without charging when placed on

the grounded ITO side.  Prior images acquired by PALM can then be

overlaid and registered to ~20 nanometer accuracy by co-registering

the fiducials that are visible in both images,

SEM  550+/- 50 nm Fiducials

Part Number     Density #/(100mm)2     Description

80-200AuF                   100-300   High Density Standard Spectra SEM Coverslips