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Cover glass for super resolution Microscopy

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Harald F. Hess, Ph.D.


Harald Hess

Eric Betzig, Ph.D.



††††††††††††† In 2005 Harald Hess and Eric Betzig developed a new type of microscope called Photo-Activate Localization Microscopy, PALM. which has† been since licensed to Zeiss.†


††††††††††††† PALM falls into a class of microscopies called super-resolution microscopy where images can be obtained that are below the classical optical resolution limit of 0.25 micrometers.† Such microscopes are extra sensitive to positional motion on the nanometer scale and also have longer image acquisition time, both which contribute to a very significant sensitivity to sample drift.


††††††††††††† With the commercialization and wider use of super-resolution microscopes,† it became clear that most super-resolution imaging was susceptible to such drift and therefore didnít always achieve optimal resolution.† Hestzig (Hess + Betzig) decided to† address this problem and promote the optimal use of super-resolution microscopy

by offering a modified cover-glass that incorporate tiny fluorescent fiducials embedded

in the top glass layer. This provides a nanometer stable references for monitoring and correcting such drift.†